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Understanding Trusts… what they can and cannot do.

Join us for an informative video on trusts featuring David J Greiner, Esq. Recently, Mr. Greiner had the privilege of addressing a group of retirees at the Sterling Inn, where he delved into important trust-related concerns.

Throughout the presentation, we explored key topics that frequently arise, such as:

– Is your trust funded?
– Are you happy with your current trustee?
– Are your beneficiaries updated?

As you can imagine, these are crucial aspects to consider. However, Mr. Greiner possesses a unique talent for simplifying complex subjects, making them accessible and easy to understand.

To enhance your viewing experience, we have divided the video into chapters: see time stamps below. This allows for a comprehensive and thorough exploration of the subject matter.

We highly recommend watching this video, as it offers valuable insights that will provide you with a clear understanding of the importance of establishing and maintaining a trust. By ensuring your trust functions as intended, you can effectively avoid the challenges associated with probate.

Prepare to expand your knowledge and join us for this invaluable session on trusts. You won’t want to miss it!

0:00 What goes to probate?
8:19 Revocable Trusts
9:10 Are you happy with your trustee?
10:06 Is your trust funded?
18:48 Multiple Trustees
25:31 Titling of Assets

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