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Corporate / Business Law


We are prepared to help our clients with all aspects of corporate law and the individual matters tied to owning and running a business. Business problems come in all shapes and sizes and can touch various legal disciplines. General counsel services will provide our corporate clients with individual and collective strategic planning, asset protection, business planning, and loan structuring services. David also provides services related to buy-sells, entity formation, business planning, and deal structuring.

Our corporate and business law services also extend to areas such as contract drafting and negotiation, employment issues, litigation defense, regulatory compliance, risk management, and success planning. We can advise clients on the legalities of mergers and acquisitions, as well as explore options related to debt financing and venture capital. Our team has the experience necessary to guide our clients through the legal maze of running a successful business. 

​Business law deals with the creation, structuring, and maintenance of new and existing businesses and the related issues that arise as businesses interact with the public, other companies, and the federal, state, and local governments. Business law is unique in that there is a cost associated with every matter considered. Winning in business law is far more than doing the transactional work, representing a client in court, or negotiating a settlement. David’s interpretation of business law is having the client achieve the intended result as efficiently as possible. 

David understands the complexities of business law and is prepared to provide solutions to his corporate clients. He can help his clients draft, review, and negotiate contracts, prepare internal documents such as bylaws, employment agreements, and shareholder/partnership agreements, as well as advise on compliance with applicable laws. He can also assist with the preparation of initial public offerings (IPOs), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), securities law compliance, antitrust matters, international transactions, and real estate transactions. Additionally, David provides counsel on debt collections and litigation strategies. By providing comprehensive legal advice, David helps our clients make informed decisions that will help protect their businesses from potential liability.

Effectively leveraging business and governmental contacts is essential in producing for our clients. Business law is equally “how” as well as “how much.” David has the experience and knowledge to navigate clients through the legal process quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. He is dedicated to meeting each client’s needs with tailored solutions that consider their business goals as well as their individual legal requirements.

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